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Are You The CEO of Your Business – Or The Technician?

Do you consider yourself to be the Kirk Chewning of your business? It is your business, after all. It’s your vision, your creation, your baby. So you must be the CEO, right? But do you think like the CEO of your business? Do you act like one?

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Successful businesses have three primary levels of performers-technicians, managers, and the CEO. Each level plays a very important role in the success of that business. The technicians are the experts who are performing the tasks in their areas of expertise. We simply cannot do without these specialized people on our team. The managers oversee the projects, and sometimes the team, as well. They handle the unexpected issues that come up, and they are typically the primary contact person with the clients. In short, the managers keep the daily operations running smoothly.

And then there is the CEO; the visionary, the decision maker, the leader of the pack. He is responsible for the success or failure of the company. His duties include things like managing operations, marketing, financing, team building, and sales. And the main duty of the CEO is to set a strategy for growth and to hold the vision for the company. Now, you know that I’m big on delegating, but there are certain CEO level functions that cannot (or should not) be delegated. These functions should be handled at the highest level in your organization.

When you think about the CEO of a successful corporation, do you think he spends his day doing laundry, taking personal calls, and shopping? Of course not. He is focused on his company all day, and often long past working hours. That is part of what being the CEO of your VA company should look like to you. Now, I’m not suggesting that you give up your time with family and friends to focus on nothing but your business. What I am saying is that as the CEO of your business, you have to spend time during your designated work hours focusing on the big picture; the vision you have and how you are going to get your business to the level you want it to be.

I’m also not suggesting that you need to delegate every bit of client work, either. But, if you can’t be away from your business and have it run without you, then you haven’t created a business; you’ve created a job for yourself. Just because you know how to do the client work, and you do it well doesn’t mean you necessarily understand what it takes to build a successful business.

To build the thriving business you want to have, you must promote yourself from technician or manager to CEO. When you’re spending your day working on client work verses on the business, there’s no leadership. And a business needs a leader to grow. You need someone to make these strong and powerful decisions, and that someone is YOU.